Environmental Stewardship

Committed to energy efficiency, ARCA has been the pioneer in appliance recycling programs.  Through partnerships with Energy Star®, the Responsible Appliance Disposal (RAD) program and industry affiliations, ARCA has helped promote and advance energy conservation programs and technology.

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Recycling and Replacement

Serving utility companies throughout the United States and Canada, ARCA’s turnkey appliance recycling programs and replacement programs provide a seamless implementation and responsive customer service.  Appliances are disposed of properly to ensure older units are not returned to the grid.

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Retail Appliance Sales

ApplianceSmart offers the latest in innovative appliances from major manufacturers at affordable prices.

Through its relationship with ARCA Recycling, Inc., customers can choose to have their old appliances removed and recycled in an environmentally-responsible manner.

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Interested in an appliance recycling or replacement program?  Email our sales team, or call 952-930-9000.  If you’re an individual looking to recycle your appliance please click here to view ARCA’s active programs by state.

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