ARCA, Inc. is a key player in the energy-efficiency industry

Environmental Stewardship

ARCA’s (NASDAQ:ARCI) 40 years of experience in the appliance industry includes over two decades of providing energy efficiency services. ARCA has been a pioneer in developing recycling technologies and data management programs to serve its clients, and is the leader in providing environmentally safe turnkey recycling programs.

With more than 850 million major household appliances currently used in the United States, ARCA’s three business components are positioned to work together to provide a full array of appliance-related services.  ARCA’s recycling centers maximize materials recycling while protecting natural resources from the environmentally-damaging substances found in old appliances.

ARCA’s operations touch all aspects of the life of a major household appliance: our eighteen company-owned ApplianceSmart stores sell new appliances directly to consumers and ARCA’s regional centers process appliances at end of life.