Frequently Asked Questions about ARCA

Where is ARCA common stock traded and what is ARCA’s stock symbol and CUSIP number?
ARCA’s common stock trades on NASDAQ under the symbol ARCI. ARCA’s CUSIP number is 03814F 20 5.

When and where was ARCA incorporated?
ARCA was incorporated in the state of Minnesota on June 27, 1983.

When did ARCA complete its initial public offering and what was the offering price?
ARCA completed its initial public offering of common stock on November 7, 1991. The initial offering of 675,000 shares was priced at $4.50 per share.

How many shares of common stock does ARCA have outstanding?
As of March 19, 2015, ARCA had 5,800,818 shares of common stock outstanding.

What is ARCA’s fiscal year?
ARCA’s fiscal year is based on the calendar year, consisting of 52 or 53 weeks.

How many employees does ARCA have?
As of October 2016, ARCA had 292 employees, 289 of which are full-time employees.

Where are ARCA’s headquarters located?
ARCA’s headquarters are located at 175 Jackson Avenue North, Suite 102, Minneapolis, MN, 55343.
The phone number is (952) 930-9000.

Who serves as ARCA’s legal counsel?
DeWitt Mackall Crounse & Moore S.C., Minneapolis, Minnesota.

How can I purchase ARCA’s common stock?
ARCA is traded on NASDAQ under the symbol ARCI. Your broker can assist you with the purchase of ARCA stock.

Who is ARCA’s transfer agent?
ARCA’s transfer agent is Wells Fargo Shareowner Services.

How can I get an investor package?
You can request an investor package by calling (952) 930-9000 or by writing:
ARCA Shareholder Relations, Attention: CFO, 175 Jackson Avenue North, Suite 102, Minneapolis, MN, 55343.

How can I speak with someone in ARCA’s Investor Relations Department?
Call (952) 930-9000.