ARCA Programs and Services

Appliance Recycling Programs

In our 40 years of operation, ARCA has operated hundreds of appliance recycling programs.  We offer comprehensive turnkey services that include an in-house marketing team, superior data management capabilities and exceptional customer service.

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Appliance Replacement Programs

ARCA’s change-out services include affordable pricing for the purchasing and installation of new appliances, as well as the removal and recycling of the displaced units. ARCA is an ENERGY STAR® partner, and is U.S. EPA RAD-compliant.

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Retail Recycling Programs

ARCA partners with retailers to offer point-of-sale programs that prevent old energy-inefficient appliances from entering the used-appliance market.  ARCA understands the importance of proper appliance recycling and disposal and is committed to keeping older appliances from returning to the energy grid.

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